Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Beauty and Benefits of Red Clover

Imagine it's late spring or early summer (Just a few weeks from now). You are hiking out in the countryside, and come across a wide, open field of blossoms. Maybe an old farm field, one where the earth was disturbed a fair amount, and now is being slowly repaired by "invasives" and cover crops. The yellow heads of the Dandelions. Spikes of Nettles shooting skyward. The tiny, blue blossoms of Creeping Charlie. Clusters of white Garlic Mustard flowers.

Here is one place you might come across a bounty of Red Clover (Trifolium pratense). Loaded with calcium, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C and so much more, this member of the legume family is often used as a cover crop to restore the soil. Red Clover is adaptable to a variety of environments. It fixes nitrogen in the soil, and protects the ground from erosion. As a short lived perennial, it's easy to grow and it's attractive, pinkish flowers make a great filler for large spaces. In addition, when it dies off, the remaining organic matter offers an additional round of soil building nutrients.

Medicinally, Red Clover has a variety of uses. As a specific for women, it can offer general support for breast health, relief from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and it reduces menopausal hot flashes. In general use, it's known for supporting blood circulation and overall artery health. Research also suggests that Red Clover may help prevent heart disease as well as certain types of cancers.

Take some time to learn more about this gem of a plant, and plan to visit it in the parks and fields this spring and summer. You'll be glad you did.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

On Kenneth Goldsmith’s Reading of Michael Brown’s Autopsy Report

On Kenneth Goldsmith’s Reading of Michael Brown’s Autopsy Report

The death of
black and brown people is Conceptual
to most white folks,
little more than a blank canvas
to splatter shades of red on.

The performance of autopsy
has the distinct rhythm of supremacy,
the heart of whiteness,
and bones of victims turned blue
from being submerged for far too long.

There is no I here, nor you, nor us, only IT
and even it is abstracted,
stripped of
all emotion, marrow and sinew
until all that remains
is a “text,”
a body
riddled with bullets
but lacking breath, and so there for the taking,
and profiting off of.

Kenneth! Wake up!
Michael Brown is not a “dry text,”
nor is Ferguson, Missouri
a place you can simply annex
and tuck away for use
in your ever expanding
literary wastelands.

I grieve. Kenneth, I grieve.
I reflect, resist, and re-envision,
but above all else,
I grieve.
My blood, like yours, is still tainted.
It struggles to remain red
In the face of an endless onslaught
Of Red White and Blue.
are nation full of white Houdini’s,
endlessly devising ways
for escaping responsibility,
all the while
remaining handcuffed
to our forgotten,
banished, selves.

I grieve, Kenneth.
I grieve. I grieve. I grieve.
I grieve in order to drown
this whole damned Project,
(the one that does things
like turn
the deaths of black and brown people
Conceptual Art)
in tears.
I grieve to drown IT in tears.
Once and for all.

Nathan Greenwood Thompson
March 20, 2015
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