Saturday, January 22, 2011

When You Wake To - A poem

When You Wake To

the neighbor’s dog half awake and whining again

the middle of the night fog


mice that don’t really care what they are waking to, only
that they can
move through the darkness

of their little worlds, locate
a bite of bread or something
to chew on every now and then.


a heartbeat, yours, your lover's,
the merger of the two


a rustling in the trash can
near the foot of the mattress,
giving rise to thoughts
that maybe the midnight snack
wasn’t the best idea

a hard rain
the neighbor’s toilet running:
competition at 3am


tiny feet fleecing the fiberglass
behind the sheet-rock

thoughts of your vow not to kill
as you take a shoe
slam hard, once,
on the wall,
hoping that whatever falls
takes with it the rain

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