Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Song of Corporate Personhood

The Song of Corporate Personhood
Look, there is a God! How else
can you explain this love Supreme,
this bestowal of a beating heart
upon a handful of made legal
documents? Mere paper
given breath, profit
making entity now human

Who could imagine
that within a mere
three or four years,
this little baby,
this precious little child
of the house of justice,
would grow so fast,
so tall, so strong that even
the most intelligent of us
sometimes mistake it for
an actual, full blood adult.

How extraordinary the way
its religious spirit has
so quickly matured,
to the point of being able
to discriminate
good from evil,
to give sermons
on the state
of health care,
and then lobby
for the right to control
the choices
of its own employees.

Oh, heavenly fathers,
will miracles never cease?
Will this man-child now
breeze through our elementary
schools, high schools, and colleges?
Will it run for Congress?
Will it win a Nobel Prize
for perfecting the formula
that transforms its own
shit and piss
into shareholder dividends?

Even the sky is no limit
for this One. This blood stained,
pockmarked beating heart.
Born of a corporate manger;
Nursed on the teats of men so holy
in their own, precious minds.

Nathan Greenwood Thompson
March 27, 2014

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