Monday, November 29, 2010

A Love of Dangerous Harvests - A poem

A Love of Dangerous Harvests

maybe Caravaggio found
the application of fleshtone
a perfect distraction
from the real thing,

a source of trouble
that always accompanied him,
as evident by the number
of falling, fallen angels

filling the walls, walkways,
and halls of the life
known as his, whether or not
it was all actually true,

it doesn’t matter
to the puritans of the world,
those luscious grapes;
the half-naked teenage boy

how his Judas betrays
a love for Christ
unbecoming of a man
in their eyes

maybe living requires
that we harvest
what is hated,
even if

when held close
to our naked breast,
it pierces the canvas
ruins forever our cherished heart.

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