Friday, November 5, 2010

The Moment After - A poem

The Moment After

I peel an orange, feel the sticky juices
run down my fingers, your legs
making waves with the sheets
slid halfway off the tussled bed.

“What is it that you most love?”
I hear you say, and watch
as my mind constructs a story
about how it has to be you,

Even though the sunlight
rippling across the wrinkled cotton,
the footsteps of the elderly lady
living in the apartment above:

These, too, right now, must be considered
with their familiar, comforting ways,
as your lips now land, trace a line
straight north along my bare leg.

How it has to be you. There all along
once I took a closer look, this rushing
to fill in the gap with words
stillborn, but beautiful all the same.

1 comment:

  1. Those tricky questions. :-)

    I suppose when one answers "You", it includes it all: the sunshine, the steps of the elderly lady above... Our now, the past and the future that all come together in this one moment.
    All universe comes alive in this "You" and I find "You" in every piece of the universe I turn to.
    Thank you, Nathan!


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